Snovio Raises $2.1 Million in ICO to Build Better Leads via the Blockchain

For Snovio, the first decentralized lead-sourcing platform built entirely upon the blockchain, the company could essentially be defined as a cascade of impressive numbers.

More than 200 new users have joined each day, more than 14,000 have installed Snovio’s Chrome extension, and the company has gotten more than 800,000 quality leads for its customers. The startup has seen nothing but explosive, “hockey stick” growth as it fights for its right to be considered the market leader in lead generation across America and the world.

Still, one aspect of their core business model remained out of reach: SNOV token.

What is SNOV? It’s a question that Snovio’s founders hope that anyone in marketing will no longer need to ask another year or two from now. Nonetheless, until Snovio rockets into the public consciousness, SNOV can best be defined as a digital currency which is fundamental for introducing an innovative approach to lead generation and sourcing.

How does it work? Well, according to Snovio, “all transactions on the platform will be conducted via the smart contract, and stored on the blockchain, and the smart contract ensures equitable reward distribution and execution of a transaction.”

In short, SNOV is nothing short of critical, and that’s exactly why they partnered with Token Rockets.

“Token Rockets helped us to revise our tokenization model, contact investors who took part in our pre-sale, and even introduced us to a variety of crypto exchanges, which helped us to get the ball rolling with regard to listing on some of the world’s top exchanges.”

Token Rockets, a product of the Starta Ventures family of innovative and international startup services based in New York, seeks to normalize Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) as an alternative or augmentation of traditional VC financing. As investors, they put a premium on embracing the future, rather than insulating against the inevitable.

Thanks to Token Rockets, however, the only thing that seemed inevitable after Snovio’s coin sales began was that it was going to be a smashing success. It went on to shatter expectations and raise over $2.1 Million in its ICO.

An ecosystem to find, foster, and fund early stage talent in tech. Visit our website at

An ecosystem to find, foster, and fund early stage talent in tech. Visit our website at