Starta Ventures launched Batch 10 on September 14th

Starta’s Global Residency is a 6-month accelerator program for international startups expanding their business into US markets. The program consists of two parts: three months of full-time coaching on-site in Starta’s New York office, and three months of online support. During their residency, participants will receive guidance from experienced consultants in a wide range of projects and activities. Top performing companies are eligible for a $200k-500k follow-up investment from Starta Ventures Fund II.

Due to the COVID-19, the Global Residency Program is now offering a hybrid model with flexible opportunities for offline participation.

Starta’s Accelerator was launched in 2015. Since then, its founders have established business operations in the US, and laid out a strong foundation for global penetration. They can test, validate the market, and gain investor interest.

Starta’s global residency accelerator provides cultural and business adaptation services for startups entering the North American market, as well as their integration into the international investment ecosystem. American VCs and business angels visit fireside chats at Starta headquarters and get introduced to our startups. The terms for participation in the program are individual and depend on the stage of the Startup development. Investments range from $100k — $120k, including the cost of the program, in exchange for 3–6% equity.

Seed stage startups are invited to participate in our pre-acceleration program. The goal is to track the dynamics of key indicators and provide founders with consultation support from our Starta Partners. Based on the outcome, startups could be considered for a Global Residency Track program.

Starta Ventures has helped dozens of startups from around the world break into US markets. “Our many years of experience helps us consistently identify effective methods for launching and sustaining new businesses,” commented Alexey Girin, a general partner at Starta Ventures. “The accelerator team is critical to this operation. By providing founders with support, and connecting them with a wide network of American contacts, we help startups take their first steps in US markets with fewer risks, and higher certainty.”


Camdog (Ukraine) Camdog provides security solutions to employers and home-owners facing the harsh realities of theft, vandalism, and illegal intrusion. Camdog’s advanced cloud-based system helps minimize losses and prevent intrusions while allowing users to accurately monitor their property from any device and location in the world. With deep video analytics, on-demand services, and flexible pay-as-you-go plans, Camdog offers the most accessible and comprehensive security solutions on the market.

Coat Connect (Egypt) Coat Connect works with verified healthcare institutions to create a completely digitized healthcare network for stakeholders in the industry. It opens up medical networking opportunities to the global health workforce, helping workers easily find, and book specialized courses, conferences, jobs, and other professional & educational opportunities around the globe.

ClearMe (USA/Russia) ClearMe is an innovator in the field of wearable tech. They have developed a face mask with a built-in SMART (Sample Monitoring Airway Respiratory Testing) technology which detects potentially harmful contaminants in PPE equipment, and allows for early-stage COVID detection in asymptomatic patients. ClearMe’s interactive app reminds users to check / replace their SMART sample pads and to wash or discard a mask as necessary. ClearMe’s app can also provide personalized medical feedback, schedule doctor’s appointments, and track test results. With all these features offered on the same user-friendly platform, ClearMe is a personalized healthcare concierge service — in your pocket, and on your face.

Beam (USA/China) Beam is the future of coffee retail. Their fully-automated robotic baristas are able to masterfully and efficiently serve coffee to patrons. By eliminating many of the costs associated with brick-and-mortar coffee shops, Beam’s Smart Café is able to combine the convenience and speed of a vending machine with the quality of a barista-pulled espresso drink. Beam’s highly-scalable technology makes incredible coffee effortlessly available wherever you are and wherever you’re going.

RAIM (Ukraine) RAIM designs and manufactures anthropomorphized robotic mannequins for fashion retailers. Using revolutionary AI technology, RAIM’s robotic mannequins can help businesses collect and analyze information about customer visits, including age, gender, and product engagement data. RAIM currently offers mannequins in four independent ranges, with different capabilities and customization options. All of their products are made from high-grade ECO plastic.

Food Safe System (UK) Food Safe System provides digital food safety compliance for workers throughout the food service industry. Food Safe Systems offers a central management platform for professional kitchens and chefs, providing an accessible interface through which to address challenges related to food safety, food waste, staffing, and communication. By digitizing food safety compliance, Food Safe System is modernizing the food service industry while saving restaurants time and money.

LeoHome (Belarus) LeoHome is seeking to revolutionize the pet-adoption process through their secure and user-friendly online platform. With over a dozen participating shelter partners, LeoHome uses AI technology to connect dogs and cats in need with the best adopters near their location.

Slidepage (Russia) Slidepage is a website building software with a unique aesthetic, custom-built for the modern internet. Slidepage uses the popular “story” format to help users create engaging websites that are optimized for mobile use. Building a compelling website with Slidepage only takes a few minutes, and requires no coding or design experience.

Happy Child Generation (Finland) Happy Child Generation offers intelligent child monitoring for busy parents with young children. Happy Child’s monitoring system uses artificial intelligence to analyze a child’s environment and notify parents of potentially dangerous or alarming situations. The system is linked to a powerful mobile application which allows parents to schedule tasks for nannies, tune into a monitoring feed, and access reports that provide data about a child’s mood and behavior.

Alcove (USA) Alcove is an on-demand luggage concierges service, available at your fingertips. Concierges meet travelers to retrieve their bags, complying with strict social distancing protocols to optimize safety and prevent COVID transmission. Alcove insures luggage up to $500 and offers prices as low $6 per day to save travelers money and give them reassurance that their belongings are safe and sound.

Artpot (USA) Artpot is a platform that aims to streamline the entire art market, and connect artists of all disciplines throughout the world — from small communities to important international art centers such as New York City, Paris, and Milan. From purchasing artwork to facilitating curators, art event producers, and art writers around the world, Artpot strives to create an exceptional experiential process for all stakeholders in the industry.

NeuraLoom (Russia) Neuraloom has released a series of products using neural algorithms which have great value to educators, entertainers, businesses, and customer service industries. By using neural network and artificial intelligence technologies, NeuraLoom makes video creation and presentation tools accessible to everyone, regardless of previous knowledge or access to equipment. Through a web browser or mobile application, users can connect to NeuraLoom to create digital avatars which can understand and present text as coherently and naturally as humans can.

Everytale (Russia) Everytale’s platform is very simple to use & carefully designed for all events and their participants. It offers event organizers, experts, and participants a 4K LIVE video broadcasting platform with tools powered by advanced A.I. technology. With important features from other virtual event platforms in the market, they offer additional game-changing features like live speech transcription, language translation for 10+ languages, and a fully functional interactive ecosystem for participants that drives event scalability.



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